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August Denton, RN, BSN, Aesthetic Nurse and Regenerative Health Specialist, began his career in aesthetic nursing in 2002 as a young intern working for celebrity injector, Rand Rusher, in Beverly Hills California. Prior to his move to LA, August pursued a bachelor’s of art and later earned an additional degree in nursing at Illinois University at Chicago.

20 years later, the world of aesthetics and regenerative health has evolved while August’s practice has grown considerably.  August Aesthetics, with Aric Park MD, administers Dysport and an array of injectable fillers.  The practice also provides laser treatments, protein rich plasma (PRP) and exosomes therapy for skin and hair rejuvenation .

August applies his advanced knowledge of sculpting and art and treats each of his patients while assessing their individual needs.  His goal is more about restoration than transformation, which is the key to keeping his patients looking younger and feeling more beautiful.  August treats some of Hollywood’s most accomplished celebrities as well as professional men and women in the LA area and beyond.

We invite you to visit us in our Beverly Hills studio.

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