PRP for hair loss

The Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) treatment begins with a simple blood-draw (FDA approved PureSpin tubes) and we separate the PRP and nutrient rich plasma using a centrifuge, and draw the concentrated solution into a syringe. Then, we evenly inject small droplets across the desired or affected area(s) of the scalp using small needles.  Acting over the next 60 minutes, the PRP and growth factors from the plasma target and repair damaged and asphyxiated hair bulbs, increase the small blood circulatory vessels around it, and even signal stem cells into the area treated. Additionally, active follicles can also be optimized to produce thicker hair strands.

Both men and women are candidates for this treatment, especially those with sudden stress and related hair loss.  3 treatments scheduled 2-4 weeks apart are recommended for optimal results with a duration of of approximately 14 months, maintenance is recommended 2-4 times yearly.


This system for predictable skin rejuvenation involves a small hand device with a

disposable tip covered in up to 32 needles.  It oscillates while gliding over the skin

creating tiny channels or punctures allowing for deep penetration (depth selected) of

revitalizing solutions like PRP and growth factors. Each treatment creates notable hydrated

skin, fading spots, fine lines, and evening out skin tone.

For optimal effect, 3 treatments 2 weeks apart.


Fractionated C02 Laser Resurfacing

This typically aggressive procedure is used to remove deep sun damaged and/or scarred

skin. I personally have been using this laser safely and effectively for over 12 years.

It's got real downtime and  may require up to 10 days to two weeks to look normal

again with medication required during treatment.  These appropriately screened patients

undergoing a CO2 will have dramatic improvements including removal of fine lines and creping

skin as well as a beautiful makeup free complection for years after.  Also notably improves

old deep scars on the body.

Infinimicro Needling with Radio Frequency 

The Infini procedure utilizes a stamp of fine needles that penetrate the skin while delivering a pulse of energy deep into the dermis. The healing skin and deep tissue response creates a notable face-lifting effect; tightening jowls and under chin sag, younger healthier texture, and dramatic acne scar improvements. Minimal downtime with 2 treatments optimal. Consultation required.

Infini laser, before and 3 weeks after 1 treatment


Dysport and Botox

These well-known neuro modulators are used to treat moderate to severe lines between the eyebrows, on the forehead, and at the outside corners of the eyes to reduce wrinkles.

Dysport smoothed out the area between
51-year-old Monica’s eyebrows.

Restylane, Juvederm, and Versa

Fillers are the bedrock of the face and jawline!  My 18 years in aesthetics have moved me well beyond the constricts of only collagen and today's fillers are used everywhere from head to heels.  Safe, dissolvable, but expertly placed, they minimize laugh lines, restore volume to midface and cheekbones, plump lips, as well as advanced areas like indented temples, falling eyebrows and under eye hollows.  Backs of hands too!

Minimal half-syringes up to full on liquid facelifts, I got the right filler for you!


Skin Tag Remover (Via Hyfrecator)

This quick and easy procedure removes skin tags and benign moles.


This naturally occurring compound found in the body is FDA approved to permanently dissolve fat under the chin and neck as well as stubborn fat pockets throughout the body and face.


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