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Dysport and Botox

These well-known neuro modulators are used to treat moderate to severe lines between the eyebrows, on the forehead, and at the outside corners of the eyes to reduce wrinkles.

Furrows Before and After Dysport and Botox
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Before Dysport and Botox
After Dysport and Botox

Dysport smoothed out the area between
51-year-old Monica’s eyebrows.

Restylane, RHA, and Versa

Fillers are the bedrock of the face and jawline! For over 20 years, aesthetics have moved me well beyond the constricts of only collagen and today's fillers are used everywhere from head to heels.  Safe, dissolvable, but expertly placed, they minimize laugh lines, restore volume to midface and cheekbones, plump lips, as well as advanced areas like indented temples, falling eyebrows and under eye hollows.  Backs of hands too!

Minimal half-syringes up to full on liquid facelifts, I got the right filler for you!

Nose Filler before and after
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Filler Injection- injectable
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 neck filler before and after
Nose filler before and after
Before and After lip filler
lip filler Before & After
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