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August Denton, RN, BSN, is an advanced Aesthetic Nurse Specialist in Beverly Hills with 20 years dedicated in aesthetic treatments.  Trained alongside top plastic surgeons; Norman Leaf, John Joseph, and Robert Kotler as well as celebrity injector, Rand Rusher RN, these all provided excellent tutors.  This aesthetic career is the perfect outgrowth from his 3 BA’s in Art, Physiology, and Nursing to give a unique approach to providing VIP treatments, from the timid newbies to the seasoned snatched faces of Hollywood.  Privacy guaranteed!

August Aesthetics, with Dr. Aric Park, currently utilize Dysport, Restylane fillers, PRP/PRF for hair restoration and deep resurfacing and tightening lasers to achieve a variety of incredible results.  All with the goal of a natural look, “the goal is to look like a better version of oneself without looking weird or over-filled and how to maintain these improvements for years to come”. 

Experience is important and look no further than social media’s obsession with trends that often lead to complications via novice injectors pressured to sell untested treatments, “an experienced injector will have their name on the door of the practice and illustrates adequate expertise in these products and treatments.”

We invite you to visit us in our Beverly Hills studio aesthetic clinic.

August Denton Aesthetic RN injector

"Aesthetic rejuvenation is a complex specialty. As an artist and sculptor, I strive to identify the perfect combination of nonsurgical rejuvenation treatments and laser light therapies to enhance a patient's natural beauty."    

                                      -AUGUST DENTON

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